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Version 3.28 is here!

  • With new time-saving features making PC-Horse more easy to work with.

    release v3

  • UK - Ireland feed list - several complete feed analyses is available in all program versions.
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  • Typical standard feeds are included - to be used in ration planning and as templete feeds and for comparisons of nutrient content. When you have analysed your own feeds, the reports you receive from your lab will seldom contain values for all the nutrients needed to make a complete ration setup for your horses. PC-Horse will help you by complementing with nutrient analyses form standard (template) feeds of a similar feed type.
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  • You can check the the nutrient composition on any feed by a click - 32 nutrients are shown in the higher program versions. For your own feeds, you can also change nutrient concentrations suggested by PC-Horse.

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  • You can compare the nutrient composition of feeds in all feed lists. You can compare one or a selected set of nutrients in one or more feeds at a time.

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  • Results will be expressed per kg feed or per kg dry matter - sorted according to the content of a preselceted nutrient.

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  • In PC-Horse, a stable is a container for horses. In the PRO and CONSULT-versions you can have an unlimited number of stables.
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  • One of the many stable reports will give you a quick overview of the horses in the stable

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  • Another report shows the foaling date of your mares...

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  • Still another shows the total feed costs for the stable...

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  • From the stable screen you will get an overview of the feeds used and the amounts fed to each horse.

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  • Print a table of the kilos or grams planned per meal for all horses in the stable.
    Display where you prepare the rations!
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  • Add your horses into PC-Horse. Select date of birth, gender, breed (from 68 predefined breeds) and other properties like training level or pregnancy status.

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  • Define the exercise level. You will at the same time be able to adjust the ration to match your selected training level.

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  • Pregnant mare? PC-Horse calculates the requirements as they change from mating to foaling. Based on your own experience from previous pregnancies, you can adjust the expected date of foaling. The pregnancy report on the stable screen will keep track of the individual dates of foaling.

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  • When you have selected feeds for the horse, it is time to determine the amounts of each feed. Green columns in the graphic shows in realtime when the selected amounts create a ration providing the horse with the required nutrients. The number of nutrients shown depends on your program version(MINI = 8, STD = 23, PRO and CONSULT = 34)

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  • When formulating your ration, you will get warning and advice when nutrient supply is outside the optimal range for your horse.

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  • Inspect how the different feeds you have selected contribute to the total nutrient supply from the ration. You can save, print or copy to the clipboard all graphics, and use them in your own reports, or send them to your customers by email (PRO and CONSULT versions)

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  • The ration report gives you a comprehensive overview of the various nutrients fed, and how the horse's requirements are covered.

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  • You may allocate the daily ration into meals for each horse. The number of meals are set in the stable the horse belongs to.  You can print a meals report for each horse for use in the stable.

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  • Monitor the growth of your young horses carefully. Enter body weight and compare them with the estimated normal growth rates of the breed. You will easily observe deviations, and may adjust feeding or other parameters, like training intensity, to obtain a harmonious development.

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  • Add price information to your feeds. You may also keep different price for the same feed in alternative feed lists. Transfer (Copy) feed prices between feed lists, stables and horses.

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  • Email your customers and stable owners. You can select attachments from a range of PC-Horse reports.


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  • Email stables, horses and feed lists to other PC-Horse users.

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  • Formulate your own feed mixes. Save them as "My feeds" and use the mixes directly in your horse rations or as documentation when selling the mix you have produced.

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  • Use model stables and model horses to save time. Prepare complete model horses with required properties, - with selected and costed feeds. Drag and drop the horses from the model stable to the customer stables where they will become ordinary "living" horses, ready for use - in a moment!

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  • Plan your horses treatments. Ready to go settings for veterinarian treatments, worming, vaccinations, shoeing and quarantine situations.
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  • In the report you can monitor the treatments for the stable.
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Please note: Some of the functions shown are only available
in the higher versions of PC-Horse. Check out more here.